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About MTG, Inc.

MTG Office    MTG, Incorporated started developing and manufacturing indicating gages in 1970 for the purpose of resale, with a goal of providing an accurate and modular hand-held system. We currently sell our gaging systems to companies worldwide.

   The internal gage frames are precise hand-held comparators which are set against known standards, such as micrometers, gage blocks, plain cylindrical ring gages,  or  supermicrometers.  

   The external gage frames are also precise hand-held comparators which are  set against known standards, such as gage blocks, master setting discs,  pins or plain cylindrical plug gages.

    There have been over thirty-two improvements to our gage frames over the years. However, these changes have not altered the frame-to accessory interchangeability. The first gage frames we manufactured can be used with today's accessories and today's gage frames can be used with the very first accessories we manufactured.

   We feel the MTG GAGING SYSTEMS are without a doubt, the finest hand-held comparators available. At MTG we are extremely proud of this and will continue to meet the ever-increasing demands required in the field of metrology and quality control. In doing so, and in addition to manufacturing our standard products, we have found the need for manufacturing special gaging systems to meet the customer's measuring requirements.


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