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Manufacturer of Internal & External Gaging, and Custom Leadscrews, Thread Inspection, Custom Indicating Instruments 

Gages are available from MTG, Inc. for measuring bores, external diameters, tapered diameters, grooves, tapered internal threads, straight internal & external threads of all forms. MTG, Inc. specializes in custom indicating gages & instruments for inspection & quality control.

Thread inspection Internal Gages
Thread Inspection Internal Gages
• Internal Thread Inspection
• External Thread Inspection
• Internal Gage Frames
• Internal Gage Fingers
• Internal Gage Stands
• Deep Hole Diameters
External Gages Custom Leadscrews
External Gages Custom Leadscrews
• External Gage Frames
• External Gage Rests
• External Gage Stands
We manufacture close tolerance leadscrews to custom specifications.
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