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External Gages


     MTG now offers twenty-two different external gage frames, ranging in capacity from .190 to 18 inches. Two different types are offered. The short reach (GOSR-2) which ranges from 6 inches up to 18 inches in diameter. The GOSR-2 frame style is used from the end of the part. The second style (GO) has a range from .190 to 10 inches and is used along the length of the part. External inserts are available in all geometries listed for the internal fingers. All OD inserts are interchangeable with all external frames. All external frames have capacities in 1-3/16 inch increments.

External Gage Frame1 External Gage Frame2


External Gage Rests     Many of our customers have requested some type of rest or fixture to place the gage frame in after measuring the part on the machine. Many times the gage was either knocked on the floor or someone inadvertently placed objects on the frame. MTG developed the LGR Rest Fixture to solve this problem. They will not scratch the gage frames and are adjustable within their range. There are three sizes available. First the LGR-1 which has a capacity from 6 inches to 15 inches, second the LGR-2 has a capacity from 6 inches to 19 inches and the LGR-3 which has a capacity from 6 inches to 23 inches.


External Gage Stands    The external gage stands offer the same convenience as the internal stands. The gage stand shown is a GSE-3 (3 clamps) holding three different external gage frames. The first two are GO-100 (0-1 3/16 in. capacity) and the third is a GO-300 (2-3 3/16 in. capacity). The three frames are shown together for size comparison only. A stand with two clamps is called a GSE-2. A stand with one clamp is called a GSE-1. The GSE-1 is expandable simply by purchasing additional clamps because all three stands share a common base. A round base (GSE-O) which holds one external frame is available.

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